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The Your Town Here Small Business Guide to Kick-Butt Social Media

Educate your prospects about the changing world of social media and pre-sell them on your services at the same time with this professionally-written Small Business Guide to Kick-Butt Social Media.

Delivered in Canva so you can easily edit, export, and send directly to your prospects via email, social media, or an opt-in page on your website.

  • 15 content-packed pages with full color and beautiful graphics
  • Immediately establishes you as an expert
  • Gives you the ability to drive new, inbound leads 24/7

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For Email, DM, and Phone Outreach

It's the question we get probably more than any other...

"What do you say--EXACTLY?"

You know we wouldn't leave you hanging!

Why waste time and effort writing, experimenting, tweaking your own scripts? Get the exact words we use when reaching out via cold email, cold call, voicemail, and direct message.

Written-For-You Scripts:

Email Outreach Templates

It's no secret that email is one of the best ways to prospect today. It's also no secret that most email outreach fails miserably.

To succeed with email, you need both an attractive offer (you have that now with Online Revenue System) as well as effective messaging.

We're providing 3 full cold email outreach scripts that you can use to introduce yourself professionally, generate interest in your service, and get the prospect asking for more.

  • 3 full cold email outreach scripts
  • Written by our professional copywriter
  • Copy & paste, edit, and send!

Written-For-You Scripts:

Phone Outreach & Inbound Templates

Although you don't ever need to use the phone for Online Revenue System, it can certainly help speed up your results. Just proving you're a real person with a 5-minute phone call can often land you clients who are skeptical just communicating via email.

But what do you say once you get on the phone with a prospect? Have no fear... Nick & Tom are here!... With done-for-you phone scripts that spell out every word.

  • 2 outbound phone scripts for initial and follow-up calls
  • Inbound phone script for leads coming to you
  • Never again worry about "what to say"

Written-For-You Scripts:

Direct Message Outreach Templates

I have a friend who almost never responds to emails. I text him... nothing. Call him... no answer.

But send him an Instagram DM, and he responds in 30 seconds.

And although it might seem crazy to you, millions of people—our prospects included—prefer to communicate via direct message.

Don't fight it... Reach them where they are! These direct message scripts make it easy to reach out, introduce yourself, and bring up your service in a non-salesy way.

  • Written to be short and engaging for direct messages
  • Use on any major social media platform
  • Reach people who don't respond to emails and phone calls

And We're Throwing In Done-For-You

Blog Posts & social media content

We're not stopping there! You'll also receive an entire bundle of extremely high-quality content you can use to build your visibility and engagement online, and get people inquiring about your social media services.

You can use these blog posts and social media posts as is, or edit them as you see fit.

Show potential prospects that you practice what you preach with this extremely attractive and informative content...

Done-For-You Content:

4 High-Quality Blog Posts

The truth is, you don't even need a website to be successful with Online Revenue System, but it's safe to assume you probably have one anyway.

Copy these 4 professionally written blog posts so when your prospects decide to "check you out" and browse over to your site, you cement your place in their mind as a solid source of reliable information.

  • Extremely versatile—Use as blogs, hot sheets, or even convert to lead magnets!
  • Content that both educates and pre-sells prospects on your services
  • Build up your 24/7 inbound lead machine

Done-For-You Content:

5 Engaging Social Media Posts

Drive traffic straight from the big networks to your website and build your brand 24/7 with these high-quality, attractive, and informative social media posts.

  • Establish your credibility and expertise with people in your social circle online
  • Each post includes an attractive graphic as well as text
  • Get people asking you about your services



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The Reverse Irresistible Offer
The Story Conversion Formula
The Secret Message Method
The Easiest Sales Strategy EVER!

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You'll Get EVERYTHING Below

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